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Hello, fellow San Diego lovers! I have some exciting news to share with all of you today. Our beloved community at has grown a little bigger and a lot more adventurous. We’re thrilled to announce that we have officially acquired

For those who might not know, was a treasure trove of information for hiking enthusiasts in our beautiful city. From detailed trail guides to insider tips on hidden gems, it was the go-to site for anyone looking to explore the great outdoors of San Diego. However, not too long ago, went offline, leaving a void for many of us who relied on it for our weekend adventure plans.

But here’s the great part – in the spirit of keeping the adventure alive, we’re bringing the hiking spirit they sparked under the umbrella of Yes, you heard that right! Now, not only will you find everything you love about San Diego on our site, but you’ll also get access to the rich, detailed hiking intel that made so special.

What does this mean for you? More trails to discover, more outdoor secrets to unveil, and a community that shares your passion for exploring every nook and cranny of our amazing city. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or someone just starting to explore the world of hiking, there’s something for everyone. Expect detailed guides on your favorite routes like the Ho Chi Minh trail, safety tips, breathtaking photography, and personal stories from fellow hikers. Not to mention, we’ll be updating the site regularly with new trails and features!

So, strap on your hiking boots, grab your water bottle, and join us as we embark on this exciting new journey together. Explore, share, and contribute to the growing repository of San Diego’s best outdoor experiences. And remember, whether you’re scaling a mountain or strolling through a serene path, is your companion on every step of the way.

Happy hiking, everyone!

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